Assessing the uniqueness of indigenous language in advertising: analysis of figurative language used in selected telecommunication Yoruba advertisement in Nigeria.


In this paper, the researchers look at the uniqueness of indigenous language and how figurative language is used to communicate meaning in telecommunication Yoruba advertisements. There are four major telecommunication operators in Nigeria- MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9 mobile. The highest two operators with active subscribers-MTN and Airtel were chosen for this study. All MTN Yoruba advertisements and all airtel Yoruba advertisements were the population of the study. Through random sampling, MTN Smart Recharge advertisement and Airtel Goody bag advertisement were the sample. The qualitative textual analysis was employed to examine the figurative languages used in MTN Smart Recharge Yoruba advertisement and Airtel Goody bag Yoruba advertisement. The researchers found that 12 figurative languages were used and described in 25 presentations (Metaphor, allusion, symbolism, eulogy, sarcasm, pun, anaphora, repetition, hyperbole, simile, alliteration, rhetorical question) in the two selected advertisements. We, therefore, recommend among others that advertisers, not just telecommunication companies should pay serious attention to the use of figurative language that can attract the audience to their services and show the uniqueness of indigenous language.